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Reported Holdings Of The
Telemark Asset Management LLC


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 14, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option Inc (023135106) 50,000 $94,682k
Codexis Inc (192005106) 3,350,000 $61,741k
Wayfair Inc (94419L101) 400,000 $58,400k
Twilio Inc (90138F102) 270,000 $36,815k
Verisk Analytics Inc (92345Y106) 245,800 $36,000k
OKTA INC CL A (679295105) 270,000 $33,348k
ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS INC CL A (98980L101) 350,000 $31,077k
Baker Hughes a GE Co (05722G100) 1,200,000 $29,556k
NOVANTA INC (67000B104) 300,000 $28,290k
Schlumberger Ltd (806857108) 700,000 $27,818k
CARGURUS INC (141788109) 750,000 $27,083k
UNITED RENTALS INC (911363109) 200,000 $26,526k
Teradyne Inc (880770102) 550,000 $26,351k
LYFT INC CL A COM (55087P104) 400,000 $26,284k
ZYNGA INC - CL A (98986T108) 2,000,000 $26,260k
ANAPLAN INC COM (03272L108) 500,000 $25,235k
UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (90353T100) 500,000 $23,190k
PLANET FITNESS INC CL A (72703H101) 300,000 $21,732k
FRONTDOOR INC (35905A109) 400,000 $17,420k
LIGAND PHARMACEUTICALS (53220K504) 150,000 $17,123k
INGEVITY CORP (45688C107) 150,000 $15,776k
BROOKS AUTOMATION (114340102) 400,000 $15,500k
PINTEREST INC CL A (72352L106) 550,000 $14,971k
BROADCOM INC (11135F101) 50,000 $14,393k
MICROSOFT CORP (594918104) 100,000 $13,396k
HEICO Corp (422806109) 125,000 $12,921k
Axon Enterprise Inc (05464C101) 200,000 $12,842k
NEW RELIC INC COM (64829B100) 130,000 $11,246k
ASPEN AEROGELS INC (04523Y105) 1,514,500 $10,798k
TECHTARGET INC (87874R100) 400,000 $8,500k
INNOSPEC INC (45768S105) 92,500 $8,440k
ANGIES LIST INC (034754101) 600,000 $7,806k
TechnipFMC PLC (G87110105) 300,000 $7,782k
THE REALREAL INC COM (88339P101) 200,000 $5,780k
AUDENTES THERAPEUTICS INC COM (05070R104) 150,000 $5,679k
FRANK'S INTERNATIONAL NV (N33462107) 850,000 $4,641k
AMERICAN SUPERCNDCTR (030111207) 500,000 $4,640k
Oil States International Inc (678026105) 200,000 $3,660k
Oceaneering International Inc (675232102) 150,000 $3,059k
QUANTERIX CORP COM (74766Q101) 57,123 $1,930k

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