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Analyzing VTL Associates, LLC Q2 2015 Versus Q3 2015 13F Holdings Comparison: Insights into Investment Strategy and Portfolio Changes

Ava Hoppe | 18 April, 2023

VTL Associates, LLC is a financial services company that handles various investment portfolios. Their 13F filings are a disclosure of their recent holdings and portfolio changes, and the company recently disclosed the Q2 2015 versus Q3 2015 comparison of their 13F holdings. This comparison reveals a lot about the company’s investment strategy and changes in their portfolio.

In this comparison, the top ten holdings of VTL Associates, LLC remained unchanged with three exceptions. These three holdings are General Electric, Ford Motor Co., and Johnson & Johnson. General Electric saw a 7.6% decrease in shares while Ford Motor Co. saw an 11.3% decrease in shares, and Johnson & Johnson saw a 7.9% decrease in shares between Q2 and Q3 2015.

The largest holding of VTL Associates, LLC was Walmart Stores Inc., which increased by 6.4% in shares. The second largest holding, ExxonMobil Corp., saw a 2.7% decrease in shares. The third largest holding, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B, saw only a slight decrease of 0.1% in shares.

One notable change in the top ten holdings was the addition of Chevron Corp. The company saw the largest percentage increase in shares at 33.6% and moved up to the fifth largest holding. Meanwhile, CVS Health Corp. saw a 10.2% decrease in shares and dropped out of the top ten holdings, replaced by Chevron.

Other companies that saw significant changes in holdings include Inc. with a 4.1% decrease in shares, Microsoft Corp. with a modest 0.8% increase in shares, and Walt Disney Co./The with a 7.7% decrease in shares. ConocoPhillips saw the largest percentage increase in value among the top 50 holdings at 59.9%, while Hewlett Packard, later named HP Inc., saw the largest percentage decrease in value of 57.7%.

Overall, VTL Associates, LLC seemed to have a cautious approach in their portfolio changes, with slight decreases in some of their top holdings and the addition of a new holding in Chevron Corp. The company appeared to be focusing on maintaining their top holdings while making some adjustments to diversify their holdings.

It’s important to note that the 13F filings only provide a snapshot of a company’s holdings at a specific time and are required to be disclosed four times a year. Therefore, it’s essential to analyze these filings over an extended period to truly understand a company’s investment strategy and portfolio changes. Additionally, some experts argue that these filings should not be used as the sole source of information when making investment decisions.

In conclusion, the Q2 2015 versus Q3 2015 comparison of VTL Associates, LLC’s 13F holdings provides useful insights into the company’s investment strategy and portfolio changes. Though some of their top holdings saw slight decreases in shares, they seemed focused on maintaining these holdings and making some adjustments to diversify their portfolio. It will be interesting to see future 13F filings to gauge whether these changes are part of a long-term strategy or short-term adjustments.

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