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Revolutionizing Multifamily Property Management: Why ProperXPM is the Future of Experiential Living

Gracie Gottlieb | 5 March, 2024

In an era where the real estate landscape is rapidly evolving, the introduction of ProperXPM Holdings, LLC (ProperXPM) marks a pivotal moment in the multifamily property management sector. With a strategic aim to reshape the industry, ProperXPM, bolstered by the financial acumen of TriSpan, is gearing up to transform the way multifamily buildings are managed across the United States. Their innovative partnership promises to usher in a new age of experiential living, blending cutting-edge technology with human-centered service delivery.

At the heart of ProperXPM's mission lies a commitment to enhancing the resident experience while simultaneously streamlining operational efficiencies for property owners and operators. This dual-focused approach is not just about refining the status quo; it's about revolutionizing it. Led by industry stalwart Brian Duggan, ProperXPM is not starting this journey from scratch. With initial acquisitions already under its belt, the pathway to a nationwide impact has been set in motion, backed by TriSpan's robust financial support.

The essence of ProperXPM’s strategy revolves around the concept of experiential property management (XPM). XPM is not a mere buzzword but a philosophy that embeds the resident's experience at the core of property management practices. It proposes an ecosystem where every interaction, every service, and every technological solution is designed to add value to the resident's life. By prioritizing the quality of life within their communities, ProperXPM is poised to redefine multifamily living standards.

What sets ProperXPM apart is its innovative partnership model. This model not only offers immediate liquidity solutions for selling business owners but also invites them into a shared ownership structure. This inclusive approach ensures that sellers are integral to ProperXPM’s journey, sharing in the future growth and value creation. It is a testament to ProperXPM's belief in collaboration over competition, fostering an environment where growth is a shared objective.

Central to ProperXPM’s operational philosophy is its tech-forward approach, meticulously crafted in partnership with Livly, a pioneer in resident operating systems. This collaboration is a game-changer, leveraging digital tools, a lean staffing model, and centralized off-site support staff to optimize the customer experience. Livly’s technology acts as the backbone of ProperXPM’s service delivery, ensuring that residents have access to intuitive, seamless living experiences. From digital concierge services to smart apartment solutions, ProperXPM, with Livly’s technology, is set to transform apartment living.

This strategic fusion of technology and human-centric services is designed to achieve significant cost efficiencies without compromising on service quality. The aim is clear: to elevate the resident experience while enhancing the Net Operating Income (NOI) for property owners. It is a win-win that promises to set a new benchmark in the property management industry.

TriSpan’s involvement in this venture cannot be overstated. With a history of successful investments and a deep understanding of the property management sector, TriSpan brings to the table an unmatched level of expertise and financial acumen. Their track record, particularly their experience with DHV Plus in Germany, provides a solid foundation on which ProperXPM can build its ambitious expansion plans. Baudoin Lorans, Partner at TriSpan, expressed excitement about bringing both scale and innovation to the residential property management industry, a sentiment that underscores the transformative potential of this partnership.

The future of ProperXPM is not just about growing its portfolio through acquisitions. It is about setting a new standard in the way multifamily properties are managed. It is about creating communities where residents feel valued, where technology simplifies life rather than complicates it, and where property owners see tangible improvements in their operations and financial performance.

As ProperXPM embarks on this journey, the promise of a new era in multifamily property management looms large. With a visionary leadership team, a robust financial backbone, and a revolutionary approach to property management, ProperXPM stands at the cusp of transforming multifamily living. For residents, property owners, and the broader real estate community, the message is clear: the future of experiential property management is here, and its name is ProperXPM.

In conclusion, the path ahead for ProperXPM is bright. As it continues to grow and refine its model, the impact on the multifamily property management industry will be profound. For those who call these properties home, for the owners who invest in them, and for the managers who oversee them, ProperXPM promises to bring about a transformation that will redefine the meaning of home. Welcome to the future of multifamily property management, where experiences are not just lived but cherished. Welcome to ProperXPM.

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