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Reported Holdings Of The
FIR Tree Capital Management LP


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 14, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
FIRSTENERGY CORP (337932107) 2,889,699 $123,708k
CITIGROUP INC (172967424) 1,361,293 $95,331k
MOHAWK INDS INC (608190104) 533,520 $78,678k
MICROSOFT CORP (594918104) 491,000 $65,774k
CENTENE CORP DEL (15135B101) 1,193,124 $62,567k
EXTENDED STAY AMRC (30224P200) 2,898,810 $48,961k
ALLERGAN PLC (G0177J108) 260,000 $43,532k
LAUREATE EDUCATION INC (518613203) 2,699,408 $42,408k
TPG PACE HLDGS CORP (G89827128) 3,395,813 $35,316k
Booking Holdings, Inc. (09857L108) 17,749 $33,274k
CY 4 1/2 1/15/22 (232806AM1) 17,100,000 $28,756k
MIDSTATES PETROLEUM CO INC (59804T407) 4,685,400 $27,597k
ROAN RES INC CL A COM (769755109) 14,712,070 $25,599k
FAR POINT ACQUISITION CORP-A (30734W109) 2,079,060 $21,186k
ACADIA HEALTHCARE CO INC (00404A109) 594,500 $20,778k
MOSAIC ACQUISITION CORP (61946M100) 1,769,958 $18,054k
SPARTAN ENERGY ACQUISITON CO (846784106) 1,732,026 $17,320k
GS ACQUISITION HLDGS CORP (36255F102) 1,683,000 $17,066k
CAPITOL INVT CORP IV (G18920101) 1,569,372 $16,055k
SOCIAL CAP HEDOSOPHIA HLDGS (G8250R103) 1,500,000 $15,653k
REGALWOOD GLOBAL ENERGY LTD (G74760102) 1,475,962 $15,055k
INTELSAT GLOBAL HOLDINGS SA (L5140P101) 668,983 $13,012k
COLLIER CREEK HOLDINGS-A (G22707106) 1,100,000 $11,000k
NAVIENT CORP (63938C108) 770,806 $10,522k
NEW FRONTIER CORP (G6485P108) 990,026 $9,970k
GORES HOLDINGS III INC (38286G109) 836,828 $8,410k
CHAPARRAL ENERGY INC (15942R208) 1,748,494 $8,235k
DIAMOND EAGLE ACQUISITION CO (25258L208) 750,000 $7,545k
SONY CORP-ADR (B:SNE US) (835699307) 143,554 $7,521k
TRINE ACQUISITION CORP (89628U108) 750,000 $7,298k
ULTRA PETROLEUM CP (903914208) 36,379,590 $6,548k
ECHOSTAR CORP (278768106) 142,300 $6,307k
GORES METROPOULOS INC (382872109) 600,000 $6,042k
T MOBILE US INC COM USD0.00001 (872590104) 73,392 $5,441k
DFB HEALTHCARE ACQUISTION CO (23291E109) 500,000 $5,065k
LANDCADIA HLDGS II INC (51476X105) 500,000 $4,864k
LEO HOLDINGS CORP (G5463L105) 471,194 $4,839k
CHURCHILL CAP CORP II (17143G205) 250,000 $2,538k
PIVOTAL ACQUISITION CORP (72583A101) 200,000 $2,030k
HALCON RES CORP (40537Q605) 8,390,167 $1,483k
FAR POINT ACQUISITION -CW25 (30734W117) 693,020 $901k
GS ACQUISITION HLDGS CORP (36255F110) 561,000 $715k
SOCIAL CAP HEDOSOPHIA HLDGS (G8250R129) 500,000 $670k
TPG PACE HLDGS CORP (G89827110) 366,666 $614k
TARGET HOSPITALITY CORP (87615L115) 283,131 $566k
MOSAIC ACQUISITION CORP (61946M118) 589,986 $560k
SPARTAN ENERGY ACQUISITON CO (846784122) 581,461 $518k
CAPITOL INVT CORP IV (G18920127) 367,433 $511k
COLLIER CREEK HOLDINGS (G22707114) 366,666 $477k
REGALWOOD GLOBAL ENERGY LTD (G74760128) 498,700 $449k
GORES HOLDINGS III INC-CW23 (38286G117) 279,779 $406k
NEW FRONTIER CORP (G6485P124) 495,013 $347k
TRINE ACQUISITION CORP (89628U116) 375,000 $285k
PIVOTAL ACQUISITION CORP (72583A119) 200,000 $268k
GORES METROPOULOS INC (382872117) 200,000 $252k
LEO HOLDINGS CORP (G5463L113) 189,480 $237k
LANDCADIA HLDGS II INC (51476X113) 166,666 $142k

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